Published on 09/25/2019 6:24 am
Advantages of Laser Ablation Treatment

Unlike in the past when removing varicose veins was a painful experience, nowadays, the procedure can be done without you feeling any pain. The new vein treatment are easy and need little recovery time. Nowadays, there are many modern treatment methods that you can use in treating varicose veins. One of the methods is the Endovenous laser ablation. The varicose vein treatment come with a wide variety of benefits. Here are just some of the advantages of using laser ablation.


Immediate results

One of the benefits you get from the laser ablation treatment is the immediate results. The procedure will only take 45 minutes. Results from the procedure are immediate. The varicose veins may not fade right away, the symptoms get to improve with time. You will begin to see the varicose veins disappear and form into scar tissue. They scar tissue is later reabsorbed into the body.

No general anesthesia

The RF ablation treatment is done under local anesthesia which numbs the leg. One the leg is numb, the laser catheter is inserted into the leg with the varicose veins. Thus, it eliminates any side effects of the general anesthesia. Some of the potential risk of general anesthesia include extreme fatigue,  nausea, confusion and infection. Given that it only requires local anesthesia, the procedure can be done in the doctor’s office.

Quick recovery

When you go through the laser ablation treatment, you can resume your normal activities in one day. There are patients who experience some discomfort and minor pain after the treatment. Not to worry, the effects are not long lasting. The incision is small so you will not deal with scarring. You can show off your beautiful legs without dealing with the scars.

It can be done on all skin types

Most of the venous insufficiency problems can be treated with sclerotherapy treatment and laser ablation. You can go through the procedure no matter your skin type. The laser ablation treatment is used to treat damaged veins that are deeper in the legs.

Feel better about your legs

Nothing boosts self confidence like knowing that you look good. However, with varicose veins your may have low self confidence. Getting the treatment also helps you get an improved appearance. You can go back to wear anything without hiding your legs. Go ahead and wear shorts and dresses to show off your gorgeous legs. The procedure takes away all the stress and fearlessness you had due to the varicose veins.

So, is laser ablation safe? Yes, it is and you get to enjoy all the above benefits. Say goodbye to varicose veins and be ready to showcase you new legs. No more using making up to hide the varicose or spider veins. If you were also asking is clariven safe? You now have enough reasons to go for laser ablation to remove the varicose veins. Compression hose for varicose veins can also help you treat the venous insufficiency problem. All these help you to get amazing legs.

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